Cleaner Carrier and Vendor Connections

PPI maintains strategic partnerships with leading insurance carriers that go beyond the conventional. Our platform carrier arrangements include better oversight of data sharing to ensure accurate transmission, compliance with regulatory requirements, and minimal errors and discrepancies in data exchange processes.

Our Platform Carrier arrangements also include payments that fund PPI's technology and services, to greatly mitigate the cost to employers.


Platform Carriers

Our platform carrier arrangements provide access to nationally recognized insurance carriers products and subsidized administration, while supporting PPI with dedicated resources for quoting, EDI, and other administrative tasks.

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Synchronize Payroll and Benefits

360° bi-directional managed payroll integrations synchronize benefits and payroll data and eliminate duplicate entry between both systems.

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Incoming 834 Files

When PPI is not the benefits administrator, we can accept a weekly 834 eligibility file from your existing HR, benefits, or payroll technology platform, giving you access to our downstream services like EDI, combined billing, and COBRA administration.

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