One Bill. One Payment.

It’s like putting carrier billing and reconciliation on autopilot. PPI reconciles carrier bills with the eligibility in our system and combines self-bill data into a single, roster-style invoice. The bill can be formatted for easy payment-tracking across multiple companies, locations or divisions. You send us a single payment, and we remit premium to the carriers. 

No manual, repetitive tasks and spreadsheets

  • Single, roster-style online monthly invoice
  • View total charges by carrier, adjustments made for the billing period, or a rolling 12-month history
  • Flexible layout options by department code, division, or location
  • View, print or download bills to a variety of formats for easier analysis, reporting and planning

Streamlined carrier payments

  • Receive and send one payment to PPI, and we remit payment to the carriers
  • Individual billing and payment processing for COBRA members
  • Reconciliation between eligibility and carrier bills
  • Find discrepancies before they become a problem

Help when you need it

  • Help with billing, eligibility, and technical questions
  • Assistance with resolving discrepancies


Avoid delayed or missed payments

  • Bills generated from your eligibility data
  • More consistent plan, rate, and payroll deduction data
  • Employees don't lose coverage due to delayed or missed payments

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