Optiminzing HR Efficiency

Sharing data between our benefits administration platforms and other point solutions like payroll and HRIS systems creates further efficiencies. and enhances the overall efficiency of our technology and services.

Minimize Duplicate Entry Between AutoEnroll and Your Payroll System

360° bi-directional managed payroll integrations synchronize benefits deductions and demographic data between AutoEnroll and your payroll system, to eliminate duplicate entry between the two platforms.


Purchase PPI Services Without Changing Your Existing Benefits Platform

When PPI is not the benefits administrator, but you want to maximize efficiency by leveraging our preferred carriers and combined billing, we can accept an 834 eligibility file into our AutoEnroll platform, from your HR, benefits, or payroll system. This allows us to provide you with cleaner EDI, consolidated billing, and efficient COBRA administration. An ongoing fallout report makes it easier for you to correct inaccurate or missing data and ensure your eligibility is consistent across systems.


Employee Navigator Integrations Make Running Your Business Easier

PPI handles setup of our platform carriers on Employee Navigator, ensuring that the data you provide matches the data in carrier systems. For even more convenience, the Employee Navigator Marketplace provides options for clients to self-manage setup with payroll companies, voluntary benefits, and fringe benefit providers, providing a single place for HR to manage it all.

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