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Stay Tuned for the New PPI Website

Stay Tuned for the New PPI Website

Stay Tuned for the New PPI Website

In the next few days, PPI will launch a newly redesigned website at ppibenefits.com. The primary objectives of our site redevelopment effort were focused on creating a fresh new look, improving navigation, and providing our visitors an easier way to learn more about our benefits administration solutions. The language better reflects the culture of PPI, the depth of our experience, and our dedication to the customers we serve.

The new site features comprehensive menus, clear navigation, regularly updated articles and announcements, and a site search to help visitors find desired content. We also added more information about our full spectrum of benefits administration solutions, brought the site into ADA compliance, and improved mobile usability, for a better user experience overall.

Note: The Employer Portal Will Look and Work the Same, for Now:

The PPI Employer and AutoEnroll/SelfEnroll login buttons on the new public site will be positioned at the top right of the home page, just as they are now. However, the Employer Portal will initially maintain its current appearance and functionality. This means you can continue to access invoices, look up policy numbers, etc., the same way.

A few weeks following the public site launch, we will unveil an updated Employer Portal. The new Portal prioritizes user-friendliness, offering simplified administrator dashboards, intuitive navigation, enhanced functionality, and a platform primed for continuous improvements. The portal updates also include security upgrades, which will require clients to create new passwords and set up two-factor authentication. Detailed instructions will be provided in advance of the portal's launch, so stay tuned!

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