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An In-Depth Look at Client Success Stories

  • AutoEnroll – Saves Time and Creates Efficiency

    The Challenge: The HR administrator of a New York City-based nonprofit struggled to process the numerous benefit forms its 85 employees were required to complete. The burden of using the medical carrier's enrollment system and faxing enrollment and change forms to its dental and life/disability carriers separately was a huge drain on resources and made billing reconciliation very cumbersome and inefficient. This client needed a way to streamline the enrollment process and to simplify the way employees add/change data sent to its benefit carriers.

    The Solution: PPI Benefit Solutions relieved the burden of managing piles of paper by creating a single, customized enrollment and change form for the client's medical, dental, life, and disability insurance products. Each employee now completes one form and the HR administrator uses AutoEnroll as the single interface to enroll, add new employees or make eligibility changes.

    The Value: Employees no longer have a separate form for each carrier or coverage, and HR has significantly less paperwork to complete at enrollment time. HR saves a lot of time and has noticed fewer errors using AutoEnroll, keying additions and changes once and sending them to multiple carriers at the push of a button.

    The Result: The roughly 25% time savings enjoyed by this NYC nonprofit has freed up much needed resources to focus on core projects that impact their bottom line.

  • COBRA Administration – Provides Compliance Relief

    The Challenge: An organization of 225 employees located in New Jersey was unsure whether they were following the "rules" and using the right forms to administer COBRA. Having to collect money from former employees to prevent termination of coverage put the client in a very uncomfortable position. Outsourcing COBRA administration was cost-prohibitive and would not have relieved HR of the time and action required to oversee the program.

    The Solution: Using the benefit administration interface, AutoEnroll, the COBRA process starts automatically when an employee is terminated from the system. PPI Benefit Solutions now handles the notifications, communications, and billing and payment process directly with the COBRA participants. Since the client has a medical plan with a PPI menu carrier, the COBRA administration for their medical and dental plans is handled at no additional charge.

    The Value: This New Jersey client is thrilled to be out of the "collections" business. They are more comfortable now that PPI has taken over the COBRA administration process and feel confident that the program is compliant, and they don't pay extra for the service.

  • Compliance Support and Resources – Meeting the Compliance Challenge

    The Challenge: One human resources director with 115 employees struggled to meet the demands of regulation, adopt standards, and understand benefit plan regulatory requirements. He was uncertain of the details around FMLA, COBRA, summary plan descriptions, and annual reporting compliance. Given the increased scrutiny placed on companies, he knew there was potential liability with not following them.

    The Solution: As the plan administrator, PPI Benefit Solutions files 5500s on behalf of all clients within the trust. The HR Director receives confirmation when the 5500 has been completed and there is no required involvement on his part. He now uses HR360 to look up specifics or download model documents for various topics like FMLA and COBRA. PPI now administers COBRA, which includes automatic delivery of COBRA notifications. For additional reference, PPI gave the director a Compliance Checklist that summarizes the benefit rules and regulations that apply to his organization.

    The Value: The HR Director no longer has to struggle with 5500 filings and is thrilled to have the tools and resources he needs to ensure the benefit plans meet regulatory requirements. He uses the checklist to track compliance activities, and he likes having access to HR360, not only to answer his benefit questions, but to access human resources information and documents.

  • Education & Communication – A More Streamlined Approach

    The Challenge: The distribution of consistent benefit information was a challenge for the leadership team of a Hartford-based organization. Their employees were spread over many locations throughout the state, and many employees did not have access to computers. Benefit plan education had become too time-consuming and disjointed.

    The Solution: Once PPI consolidated all the benefits onto one platform, communication became easier in many aspects. At enrollment, employees use a single form to enroll in all benefits. Their enrollment packet includes information on how to access PPI Advocates, who answer questions and resolve issues for all PPI administered plans. PPI makes various communication tools available throughout the year, such as posters and payroll stuffers to remind employees that PPI Advocates are available when a claim is denied and they are not sure how to appeal it. Prior to renewal time, PPI administered an employee survey across several locations that identified a desire for greater product selection.

    The Value: Communication and education has become much more streamlined, targeted, and valued. The employees like the private, toll-free access to Advocates & Benefit counselors, and the custom employee survey results prompted leaders to add a voluntary life and long term care program for employees and their families.

  • The Power of One - Consolidated Benefits Billing

    The Challenge: The Human Resources and Finance Department heads at a 125 employee company struggled each month to manage benefit plan invoices from three different insurance carriers for programs in multiple locations. Varying data from multiple carrier reports made cost analysis extremely difficult.

    The Solution: The client learned that PPI Benefit Solutions not only consolidates invoices for multiple plans onto a single bill, but could also show the costs for each location or department separately depending on their needs. The invoice can also be downloaded into a workable Excel file, giving both HR and finance a tool to meet their unique needs for the data, such as verification of which employees are in what plans, reconciliation of employee payroll deductions, or verification of life and disability benefit amounts.

    The Value: This organization now receives one bill and remits one payment to PPI for all their PPI benefits. The bills are available to view any time through the client's customized PPI website and can be downloaded and manipulated to create various reports.

    The Result: Reconciliation, benefit verification, benefit costs and funding source allocation are much easier to manage and analyze. The client has found tremendous value in the ability to download and sort the invoice data for budget and expense projections.