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ACA Compliance Services

Part of our mission at PPI Benefit Solutions (PPI) is to help our clients navigate the changing legislative environment, which includes understanding and responding to the often confusing requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Our industry-leading benefits technology brings together many ACA compliance issues to deliver a single, streamlined solution to help you stay ahead of even your most complex ACA responsibilities.

2017 IRS Section 6055/6056 Reporting Services (enrollment deadline is 10/31/2017):

Beginning in reporting year 2017, clients whose medical plans are administered by PPI Benefit Solutions will have two service options to help satisfy the IRS Section 6055/6056 Reporting requirement.

The foundation for both options is ACA Data Storage, which provides a convenient way to review, edit, and approve ACA 1095 data right on the PPI AutoEnroll platform, powered by Businessolver. AutoEnroll automatically determines the IRS offer and safe harbor codes based on employment and enrollment data in the system, however data can be changed manually.

Clients who have an understanding of the ACA and their reporting requirements and need no consulting can elect the lower cost option (see reverse side) to transmit data to the IRS, review returned errors, and resubmit corrections directly through the ACA Dashboard in AutoEnroll. Forms 1095-C print and mail and bulk PDF delivery to the employer are both available with this option.

Should you require basic consulting such as help with code definitions, calculating affordability, and understanding how the law applies to a specific situation (see other side for a list of included services), PPI contracts with NavigateHCR to offer ACA Reporting Services. Consulting services do not, however, include help with codes on your PPI data file. NavigateHCR clients will manage their ACA data in AutoEnroll, as described above, and submit a "1095 Extract file" from AutoEnroll to NavigateHCR. NavigateHCR will use the data on the file to prepare Forms 1094 and 1095 and e-file with the IRS. Print and mail or email fulfillment options are available with this option.

  • Calculate Applicable Large Employer (ALE) status
  • Explain how 6055/6056 reporting requirements applies to specific situations
  • Determine Affordability Safe Harbors
  • Calculate Plan Affordability specific to IRS standards
  • Determine Aggregated ALE status and reporting requirements
  • Determine Certifications of Eligibility – Qualifying Offer Method, 98% offer method

*New PPI clients with a medical plan effective date of 10/1/2017 or sooner are eligible to enroll in 2017 ACA reporting services.

ACA StatusTracker℠ (Variable Hour Employee Tracking):

The ACA StatusTracker℠ is powered by our technology partner, Businessolver, and is built on the same technology platform that powers our existing benefits administration system, AutoEnroll. The ACA StatusTracker℠ allows clients to track measurement, stability, and administrative periods and then apply determined eligibility status directly to employees' records. The ACA StatusTracker℠ also delivers ongoing reporting so that you can monitor how employees are trending toward full-time status.

  • Flexible configuration options for Measurement, Administration, and Stability periods
  • Track overlapping new hire and ongoing employee periods
  • Eligible employees receive eligibility notification and enroll from the same technology platform
  • Single platform limits potential errors
  • Reporting to track employee eligibility and trending toward benefit eligible